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About Peter Bryan's Paintings

Peter lives in Marina Del Rey, California.   He started painting with watercolors after receiving his B.A. degree from the University of Florida.   

The subject matter of his paintings is often an everyday event - what he sees as  a meaningful moment in time. He is interested in the emotion, mood, and feelings engendered by the subject.  He finds his inspiration in articles,  pictures, and advertisements that appear in newpapers and  magazines. 

He strives for a realistic depiction of the  subjects, structuring the compositions and applying washes of color to create  an emotional connection to the subject - to feel the mood of the moment -  rather than an awareness of a technique, style or method of painting.  

A note about print production… Peter's watercolors are reproduced in limited runs, usually numbering in ten or fewer prints. Notecards are also produced for each picture. The originals are scanned and digitally produced by Marco Fine Arts (MFA), located in Hawthorne, California, USA. The company’s technologies are used to produce prints with the depth, detail and feel of the original works. The process involves the production of numerous proofs and the selection of the candidate which best represents the original work. In the final step, MFA creates prints on fine art paper.

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For more information, please complete the contact form or send an email to:  inquiries@peterbryan.com  and include your name and preferred means of correspondence.